Plastic-free Water Dispensers and Green Bags for Your Greens!

Life Without Plastic is an amazing website, with awesome products for those of us who wish to reduce (or remove) the plastic in our lives. Sometimes we don’t even think about it how much it’s in our daily lives: toothbrushes, deodorants, face wash, shower gel, razor blade handles, kitchenware, etc. I took a look around my house and was disgusted by all the plastic in spite of my attempts to buy as little of it as possible. It’s even proliferating at health food stores like Whole Food Markets, where so much of their bulk items and other dried goods are boxed/wrapped in plastic. They’ve even sunk to packaging a few fruits and veggies in plastic, since we’re obviously too lazy to just put them loose in our shopping carts. Now we need tomatoes and apples and sliced fruit wrapped in plastic and sitting on Styrofoam.

Check out these great ideas/items from Life Without Plastic:

Begone Bisphenol-A-laced, hard, clear plastic bottles and plastic-taste emitting, large camping jugs with bacteria-prone plastic spouts. Enter Italian-made 18-10 stainless steel beauties
Yes, the water dispensers are back in stock!
Summer is here and outdoor events are happening all over. It’s also camping time.
Looking for a way to transport and serve up lots of water with zero fuss or waste?  Create your own water station. Just fill up a dispenser and let folks serve themselves with their own cup or bottle. A great way to avoid single-use, disposable plastic water bottles.
And if you want to add in a water filtration element, you can throw a piece of binchotan charcoal into your dispenser.

Binchotan charcoal water filters - life without plastic

Plastic-free water purification – the way it should be.The Japanese have been usingbinchotan charcoal for centuries to purify water.
This is my personal favorite:
Spinach, lettuce, mesclun, pea shoots, kale, chard, mustard greens, greens, greens, greens… keep ’em fresh in your fridge in our Certified Organic Cotton Greens BagPurchase it here. Sale price: US$6.95 / CA$8.35 (normally US$8.95 / CA$10.73)

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