Get the Plastic Pollution Out of Your Personal Care Products!

Please SHARE this information…if you’re like me, and tired of all the plastic junk in our lives, polluting our planet (and our water systems, too), then read on:

5 Gyres Plastic Beads image

5 Gyres has passionately worked to document the issues of plastic pollution.  Microbeads are a great illustration of poor product design that we can do something about.  Thanks to your support, a US ban on microbeads in personal care products will go into effect in 2018.

But what about all those trillions of beads that will still go down US drains before then?  Will manufacturers remove microbeads in all the other countries they sell these products in or do we need international bans?  What will it take to get rid of other poorly designed, single use plastic products that are polluting our waterways?

What to do with all those microbeads?!  When you educate people to stop using Microbeads, what will happen to all those tubes of scrub and toothpaste?  We want them!  Marcus will use them in future artwork that help tell the story of microbeads (and plastic).

And to make it a bit fun, we will award gift packs throughout the month of June to those who send in the most tubes of used scrubs.

Also, please visit for more information!


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