Is the Food Really Farm-to-Table in Your Area? Maybe Not

farm to table pic_delicious living

This article got me thinking, since where i currently live, the farm-to-fork movement is rather large. I have noticed that in spite of all the healthier-if-you-eat-it-here-cuz-it’s-from-a-local-farm, many restaurants still offer coke/pepsi products to drink. Yuck!’

While this story (or a version of it) truly does play out in many restaurants across America, a recent investigation into ‘farm-to-table’ declarations pulled back the veil on these often-adulterated claims. Laura Reiley, a food critic for Tampa Bay Times, said she’s been a restaurant critic since 1991 and has always known there are fraudulent menu claims. But, she says, “It was around 2012 that Tampa Bay menus sprouted the sentence ‘we source locally’ near the admonition about consuming raw or undercooked meats. Fiction started to seem like the daily special.”



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