KivaSun Feeds Native American Communities

It always feels good to read when something positive is happening in Native communities, as the impact can have a tremendous effect on people’s futures. Now, if we could only figure a way to get our people off the Food Distribution programs to lead more independent lives (with healthier food options). I wonder if/when Whole Foods – or other organic food organizations – will set up camp in Native territory – big IF.

This week from Indian Country:

Notah Begay Food Company Distributes Bison To Natives by kristin butler KivaSun Foods, a traditional Native food company founded by professional golfer and philanthropist Notah Begay III (Navajo, San Felipe, Isleta), has secured an agreement to purchase 520,000 pounds of bison for inclusion in the federal government’s Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) commodity offering. The distribution, arranged through the U.S Department of Agriculture, began on October 30. “When we were notified that we won the business with the USDA, it was a very emotional moment for me,” Begay told ICTMN, “because we’ve finally gotten to the point where a Native Americanowned entity now has the honor to provide high-quality, traditional healthy food to Native American people who need it.” KivaSun Foods had already provided bison in the commercial market through retail accounts such as Costco and Walmart. Thus far, KivaSun has distributed 150,000 pounds of bison to Natives through commodity food packages and is on target to provide the total 520,000 pounds to the FDPIR by the time the contract ends on June 30.

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