Small Plan, Big Idea – The Native Way

Go Native Way!

I was watching a fabulous 2-part documentary by Nebraska wildlife photographer Michael Forsberg where he examines up close the “wildness” of the states that make up the Plains region of the U.S. Fascinating stories woven together – watch them here:

Episode 1 : A Long Hard Struggle

Aired: 09/03/13Expires: 09/03/16Rating: TV-PG

“This two-part documentary, based on the book of the same name by Nebraska photographer Michael Forsberg, examines the remaining “wildness” in the states that compose the Great Plains. The program captures the places and creatures that survive after 150 years of settlement, as well as the people who care for and preserve this fragile ecosystem.

Episode 2 : We Live with the Land

Aired: 09/03/13Expires: 09/03/16Rating: TV-PG

In Episode 2, Michael Forsberg highlights a most brilliant, sustainable way to provide grass-fed bison meat to the masses. Sustainable Harvest Alliance, supplies fresh, grass-fed bison meat from small bison producers on the Indian reservations of western South Dakota. How do they do this? They bring back Native traditions of respect for the animal killed in a hunt; the bison are killed on the land where they are raised. They are killed quickly (and in the video, humanely), without having to endure the stress and trauma of the killing pens in slaughterhouses. Beautiful. Simple. Nature. Native.



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