Monsanto’s “Broken Heart” Meeting

Another fitting tidbit on toxic Monsanto and how they continue to “break” our hearts by poisoning our bodies and our environment:

On January 30, OCA participated in a protest and confrontation at Monsanto’s annual shareholder meeting. The meeting was held at Monsanto corporate headquarters outside St. Louis, Mo., in a town called Creve Coeur—which in French means Broken Heart [bold added for emphasis].

It’s a fitting name for the location of a company that has caused so much heartache with its toxic chemicals.

OCA’s mission on January 30 was to let Monsanto know, in no uncertain terms, that its so-called science—bought and paid for with dirty corporate money—is no match for the research being conducted by honest, independent scientists.

As the meeting was winding down, Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant told attendees, “We’ve had a lively afternoon.”

To Mr. Grant we say be prepared. Things are about to get a lot livelier.

Read the blog post

Watch the video

Download the Monsanto Makes Us Sick leaflet

More on the health hazards of Roundup


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