Check Your Chex – It Really is HFCS not Fructose

More from the OCA (and makes me glad I don’t eat this stuff):

General Mills’ Vanilla, Chocolate and Cinnamon Chex boxes all proudly display a label that should make many health-conscious consumers happy: “No high fructose corn syrup.”

But as the folks at CREDO have discovered, that claim is simply not true.

The truth? These General Mills products all contain a super-concentrated sweetener made from high fructose corn syrup. Within the Big Ag industry, this sweetener is literally called “HFCS-90” or high fructose corn syrup-90.

So what’s the deal? According to CREDO, it seems that the Corn Refiners Association (who knew?) changed “HFCS-90” to “fructose.” And now General Mills is not only disingenuously hiding its corn syrup behind this innocuous alias—the company is bragging that its products don’t contain corn syrup at all!

The “fructose” label is especially nefarious, since fructose is a naturally occurring fruit sugar, while HFCS-90 is a highly concentrated, highly processed product that is molecularly different from the fructose you would eat in your apple.

We deserve to know that these products contain high fructose corn syrup. At the very least, General Mills should be prohibited from falsely labeling the products as “not containing high fructose corn syrup”—don’t you think?

TAKE ACTION: Tell General Mills: Stop Hiding High Fructose Corn Syrup


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