Does Monsanto Make You Sick? Join the Club!

From the OCA:

On January 30, the OCA, Moms Across America and others will attend the Monsanto shareholders’ annual meeting. We’ll present both scientific evidence and mounting individual testimonies that glyphosate, the key active ingredient in Roundup, is making people sick. We’re also collecting pictures of people whose health has been affected by GMO foods and/or Roundup.

Do you have a story about the impact of glyphosate and/or GMO foods on your (or a member of your family’s) health? Send it to us, and we’ll deliver it to Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant on January 30.

Want to join the Monsanto shareholders meeting protest? We’ll gather at noon on January 30, at Monsanto World Headquarters, 800 N. Lindbergh Blvd, Creve Coeur, Missouri 63167. Details are still unfolding, but we plan to include at our rally physicians and scientists who will speak to the dangers of GMO foods and Roundup. For more information, or to send your photos, email alexis AT (To send your written testimonial, please use the “Take Action” link below).

TAKE ACTION: Send us your testimonial about the impact of glyphosate and/or GMO foods on your (or a member of your family’s) health.

It certainly makes me sick just thinking about all the poison they’ve dumped on our Earth. I posted this once before, and I’m posting again as a reminder to TAKE ACTION against Monsanto.

Ode to Monsanto

Oh, Monsanto, no GMO –

Our plants simply cannot grow (nutritiously)

When spliced and sprayed with GMO (judiciously).

And when we spray the food upon our plate

With your toxic glyphosate,

Our organs, no longer do they properly function,

Though I doubt you have any compunction.

Pregnant women are also at risk

From GMO food-nutrient deficits.

With weakened bodies their babes are born,

And innocent animals become deformed (3-legged frogs anyone?),

From swimming in liquid pools of

Toxins borne

From your Roundup Ready and GMO corn.

~ DT


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