Free to Be Me? Not in America, Not Anymore

Here we go again…another conversation with bossman about my “uncorporate-like” and unacceptable office behavior. Seems the stiff upper lips of Corporate USA can’t handle a little venting or offbeat humor on the (very stressful) job. One must CONFORM, after all, to be part of the crowd in Corporate USA. How dare I be the (in their words) ‘demoralizing’ demon? But is that what many of us really want? To be like everyone else? Or are we, down deep, too scared to risk living our lives as we CHOOSE, as we NEED, instead of relying on the security (which is not all that secure, it turns out) of a weekly paycheck? I have succumbed to the unimaginable, for the very same reason many of you have – I want to keep a roof over my head and cover my living expenses (and I’m barely doing that), because we’re taught that’s how life goes in the adult working world.

A friend wrote on his blog about this thing he calls “paycheck addiction” and he could not have been more apropos:

If you are living hand-to-mouth, using all the money you make just to pay your bills, maxing out your credit cards and feeling anxious about how you will pay for unexpected expenses; most likely you are addicted to your paycheck.

Paycheck addiction is really no different than any other addiction. It is heaven when you have your drug and really, really bad when you don’t. As a paycheck addict you will do things a non-addict would never do.  Addicts lie, steal, beg, complain, whine, and make false promises – pretty much anything to keep getting their fix – a paycheck. Then when it arrives you feel the rush of euphoria.  At last you can pay your rent. You can get a full tank of gas, splurge at the grocery store and even buy that new movie you want. But alas, your drug soon wears off and the cycle starts anew.

We all talk about addictions in our daily lives and know how damaging they are to our health and social well-being. Alcohol, gambling, smoking, drugs and internet all make it to our list of addictions. But paycheck addiction is most often ignored, even though it can keep people enslaved their entire lives. Paycheck addiction is ignored because it is so prevalent that it seems to be normal behavior; yet I assure you it is not! It may seem impossible to cure and, in fact, many don’t even realize they need a cure. It is like being trapped in an illusion. This sort of illusion is the case with every addiction.

Read more of this eye-opening article here:

OMG – he’s talking to me! And many of you out there, I’m sure. There has been a sort of ‘movement’ in this country toward more and more conformity, toward CORPORATE RIGHTEOUSNESS, as if it is the end all to the work world. Just look at commercials on TV; everybody’s dressed in corporate gear, we all seem to work in corporate offices (not true), because that’s the IMAGE marketing companies and CORPORATE STIFFS want to project into our minds every time we make a purchase, whether it’s a car, clothing, food, etc. It’s all based on CORPORATE CONTROL of the masses.

I say NO MORE will I cowtow to the stiff suits; I say let me find the COURAGE to find my VOICE and my unique PLACE in this world; may I find my TRUE CALLLING so I can END my ADDICTION TO A PAYCHECK and to a way of life that is NOT WORKING (and never has).

Freedom of expression is one of the basic tenants of our Constitution and yet on a daily basis we, as a huddled mass, are forced (more and more so) to BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, to get along, to play nice, to not be DIFFERENT. I say DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. I say (with the loud voice God gave me) I was MEANT TO BE HEARD, so open your ears and shut your mouths, and let me BE who I was meant to be, without repercussion, discipline, or condescension.




2 thoughts on “Free to Be Me? Not in America, Not Anymore

  1. Denise,
    Wow! I thought I was passionate about being self sufficient. You just put me to shame, way to go!

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