Thirs-tea for Tea While Studying?

This is an interesting “tea”-bit from my favorite online tea store, Teance (



A new undergraduate at Cornell University wrote to us this evening:
“For the last 2 hours, I served a flight of teas for 10 of my friends-most of whom hadn’t had quality whole leaf tea. We started with Silver Needle; people pointed out the crispness and floral notes! Then we drank pre-rain dragon well, a friend immediately noticed it’s nuttiness and they all agreed that it was the best green tea that they had ever had. Then, because I was feeling generous, I took out the 18 year Pu’erh. Surprisingly, everybody loved it. One kid took a sip and just zoned/”zen’d” out, one kid said it reminded him of Halloween, others said their old farm, one said the mountains, one said his Grandma’s house….it went on and on. I never knew how tea could remind people of these sorts of experiences.
Generally, this was a huge learning experience. All 10/10 super smart students loved the Teance tea that they were drinking, and everyone of them will come back next Thursday for the newly establish “Thirs-tea ThursdayTea Connoisseurship Club!”
Tea has been the age old favorite amongst Zen Buddhist monks for the key purpose of helping with mindful focus and concentration long hours of meditation, staying alert but not jittery. Many a college student, PhD candidate, and professors frequent our teashop to enlist the help of tea for their academic pursuits, and though choices differ vastly over which tea works best, generally, most agree that against all other beverages, tea has the unique quality of supplying calmness with presence of mind, dispelling fatique and re-focusing one’s attention. We find that tea is equally useful for just about any work day, assuaging one of drowsiness if not ennui. Try an oolong such as the dark roasted Monkey Picked Tieguanyin for strength and aroma, or a White Peony in the late afternoon for less caffeine but equally refreshing pick me up.

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