Honest Tea Ain’t So Honest After All

Now it looks as if Honest Tea could have the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) questioning its honesty, too. Did President & CEO Seth Goldman intentionally mislead a Washington Post reporter when he said that Coca-Cola would not directly contribute to the NO on I-522 campaign to label GMOs in Washington State?

If so, he’s in violation of SEC rules prohibiting executives of public companies from making false public statements. If not, he was duped by his bosses at parent company Coca-Cola.

Here’s the thing. Consumers are tired of being lied to. Tired of dishonest, deceptive ad slogans and campaigns. Tired of companies that say their products’ ingredients are “perfectly safe”—but then turn around and demand Congress pass laws that allow them to keep those ingredients secret.

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Read the article

TAKE ACTION: Tell CEO Seth Goldman why you’re boycotting Honest Tea

TAKE ACTION: Pledge to Boycott the 300-Plus Members of the GMA, Including the Traitor Brands!

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