Why Would Anyone Hunt Elephants? GQ Tries To Defend Those That Do

I couldn’t even finish reading the article, I was so sickened by her (yes, a woman hunter!) behavior and attitude. And the pic of her with the dead elephant makes me want to use the rifle on her. Disgusting.

Exposing the Big Game

By Jenny Kutner

In a recent piece for GQ, writer Wells Tower attempts to answer10304338_10204008161985492_2584105410340479966_n a simple question with a story that’s as long as it is powerful: “Who wants to shoot an elephant?” As it were, that’s not actually the question Tower ends up asking; it’s pretty easy to find the people who want to shoot elephants, as the journalist did in order to write his story. What Tower really gets at is why anyone would want to shoot an elephant, or how people think they can justify it. Try as they might, they can’t.

And oh, do they try. Robyn Waldrip and her husband, Will, allowed Tower to accompany them on an eight-day safari last summer, during which time they explained to the writer why they feel that hunts like theirs can be justified. Waldrip’s trip was arranged solely so she could kill…

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