GMO Grass: Green, Lush–and Toxic Coming Soon to Your Lawn!

This just in from the OCA  – let’s keep our grass GREEN!

Monsanto and Scotts have begun testing the first genetically engineered grass, intended for both consumer and commercial use.
Scotts Roundup Ready Kentucky Bluegrass, genetically engineered to withstand massive amounts of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is unregulated, will not be labeled “GMO,” and because of the ease with which grass spreads, could in short order contaminate lawns, parks, golf courses and pastures everywhere.

Because Roundup will kill everything except the grass engineered to stand up to it, lawns all over the country will be green, lush—and toxic.

And you won’t know it.

GMO Grass: Green, Lush–and Toxic.

Tell Scotts You Don’t Want More of Monsanto’s Chemicals in Your Soil and Drinking Water, and that You’re Boycotting All Scotts Products until the Company Drops Plans to Sell GMO Grass. – See more at:


2 thoughts on “GMO Grass: Green, Lush–and Toxic Coming Soon to Your Lawn!

  1. Just what we need, more GMO stuff. And grass no less! I think Monsanto’s ultimate goal is for everything to be GMO and for them to own the patent.

    • Right? Our lives aren’t toxic enough! And this is BAD for kids and pets, since they are lower to the ground and tend to have higher levels of chemical toxicity in their bloodstreams. A hair chemical analysis will tell you the levels of chemicals in your body (blood, fatty tissue).

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