From the book, “The Seven Paths: changing one’s way of walking in the world” by the Anasazi Foundation. Beautiful book. Need to read it.


But beware, my young friend.

There are counterfeits among nature.

Every plant that is good food is mimicked

by another that will make you ill.

In this, nature teaches about life.

For there are many dangerous elements

who will try to make themselves appealing in your eyes.

Most of them will not think themselves dangerous, and the

danger is that you will not, either. They may act in ways you

find fun and exciting. And in their delivery of gratification,

yo may mistake them as doing you a service.

But beware. Some oak is good, other is poison.

There are many whose offering – however enticing –

is not joy but strife.

Just as you must separate the good from

the counterfeit in nature, so must you do in your life.

Am I sounding old and out of touch?

I very much hope to sound old, for old I am.

And it is because of my years that I can give counsel.

But if I sound to you out of touch, I worry for your health.

I fear you may already be intoxicated by counterfeits.

I know how intoxicating the counterfeits can be.

For it was under their influence that I turned my back

on all the truth in my life.

It was not until I saw poison masquerading as food

that I committed to remain on the path to recovery.

My young friend, pay attention to what you take in.

I have had many bitter years

because of the bitter fruit I have tasted.

As you learn how to discern the good and the evil in nature,

you will discover a capacity to do the same in life.

In this, too, the plants do you a service.




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