Holy Solar Power Part 2: It’s in My Shoe!

I keep running across these neat little bits o’ information and love to pass it on…

“Power Walking” Takes On a New Meaning Here:

Seems two smarties from Carnegie Mellon University came up with this brilliant idea: make a shoe insert that generates power (for your cell, heated mittens, etc) WHILE YOU WALK (this is better than ‘whistle while you work’!).

The insert can be paired with all shoes types, it seems, and the insert actually stores the energy from walking or running into a battery that can be accessed via a USB port. (Talk about feeling ‘electrified’) According to the article, the battery attaches to the ankle or to the top of the shoe, and is fully charged after 2.5 miles of footsteps. It has enough power to operate an IPhone!

Check it out!




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