Talk about mouth watering dishes; watched Globetrekker (LOVE this show) last night and the host was traveling through Southern China, mainly Guangdong (we call it Canton) province. I drooled over the hand made Dim Sum and secretly wished we had some here in my city, as I could eat it for breakfast daily! But what got me was this fabulous 5-Spice Pork dish made by a woman of the Yao people in the northern region of Guangdong, in a place called Langzhong (apology if misspelled, the host was a Brit and his Chinese sucked).

Drool on:

5-Spice Pork

Recipe from Yao people in Langzhong, Guangdong province, PRC

(Globetrekker show, aired 11/18)

Pork (belly best for flavor due to fat content)

Chinese 5 spice blend; crush into fine powder

~ chop pork into chunks in a bowl and cover with crushed powder

~ add some sugar and water to wok/hot pan

~ add meat plus 1 each fresh sliced ginger root, garlic clove, (green) chile

Then add bit more water, soy sauce, rice wine; can add shiitake mushrooms and dried plums, if desired (chef did)

~ cover, cook 30 min



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