New from ANH-USA: Biofortification and GMO crops

This is an interesting read…

“We attended another Codex meeting. Here’s what YOU need to know from the front lines!

For the second year in a row, ANH-USA attended the meeting of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses(CCNFSDU) in Germany as a nongovernmental member of the American delegation. Our Executive Director isn’t even stateside yet, but her report was too urgent to be delayed.

Codex Alimentarius is a joint project of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization. It’s a collection of internationally adopted food standards and guidelines intended to facilitate global trade. There are a number of specialized subcommittees whose recommendations are formally adopted by the Codex Executive Committee. The CCNFSDU is of particular importance to natural health practitioners and consumers, as it advises the Codex Commission on general nutrition issues, dietary supplements, and GMOs.”

Read full action alert here

My response to this information:

Just another article to support why we all MUST endeavor to eat organic, GMO-free, whole foods-based diets, instead of relying on supplements for our “nutrition.” I rely on veggies, fruit, meat, and some grains to obtain “harmony” in my body. I also drink high quality green and black teas, fresh water, and little to no alcohol. Any wonder why most people think I’m in my last 30s, when I’m actually in my early 50s (and have a higher than average bone density for my age range). Making better FOOD and LIFESTYLE choices frees all of us from the Big Pharma drug dependencies (for the most part), as well as from the need for “nutritional supplementation,” which may or may not be beneficial across the board (excluding the individual need for specific supplementation, such as iron [ferrous gluconate] pills for anemia).

We have become a society of pill poppers, even with the intent of “nutritional supplementation.” But I do agree that Big Pharma and the FDA are nasty bedfellows leading us down the road to never-ending drug dependencies. Vote your decision with your pocketbook, people, and CHOOSE TO LIVE BETTER. Stay away from fast food, fast lives, and nutritional shortcuts, as NONE of these lead to or maintain health or wellness. Slow down, cook your meals, and purchase your produce as locally and organic as possible. Where there’s a will, there’s a way – even for you city folks.



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