‘Wolf’ shot by Lolo resident was a dog hybrid

Sick bastard…shot an innocent animal (wolf-dog) for “eyeing” a horse and a cat – cuz dogs don’t do that! Just another vicious example of the self-righteous belief of idiots like him that we humans are the superior beings and that it IS our decision as to how many animals (and which ones) are allowed to live on OUR planet. Someone please shoot him in his fat ass so he can know what it feels like…

Exposing the Big Game

Wolf-dog hybrid shot

 Wolf-dog hybrid shot Courtesy photo/Bill Scullion

This photograph was posted on social media by Bill Scullion of Lolo, who shot a wolf-dog hybrid last weekend, believing it was a wolf.

2013-10-24 missoulian.com

3 hours ago  •  By Rob Chaney

LOLO – What appeared to be a white wolf threatening a Lolo resident’s horses on Sunday was really something else.

“It turned out to be a wolf-dog hybrid,” Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wolf biologist Liz Bradley said on Wednesday. “It looked very wolfy, but it was neutered.”

The landowner shot and killed the dog after seeing it eyeing his horses Sunday morning. Bradley said she also got reports from a resident in Florence of a similar animal chasing her house cat up a tree.

“It’s a concern if somebody is releasing hybrids in the area,” she said. “Sometimes they can be more troublesome than wolves. They come a lot closer…

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