TN Powwow a Success

tipi at TN powwow

Attended the ONLY powwow in Tennessee today, the last day – perfect weather, too, in the low 70s. And I got lucky, finding several jewelry items I was looking for while there. But what never ceases to amaze are the dancers – Grass, Fancy, War, Prairie, etc (but sadly, no hoop dancing). It’s a whirling plethora of plumage, talent, sweat, and absolutely gorgeous regalia (don’t EVER call them costumes – that’s what white people wear on Halloween). Watching the individual dancers, one can see and feel the energy each of them puts into the dances. You can’t help but move to the rhythm of the music along with them. I had to stop one of the men (in his early 30s perhaps) walking by me as he came out of the circle, having just finished a Southern Prairie War dance, and compliment him on how good he was. He looked beautiful out in the circle, in his own zone, in a ceremonial rhythm only one who dances can know – you can tell if you watch them long enough. He quietly thanked me, and I remember he had gentle brown eyes and spoke softly. So typical of the unassuming, friendly Native personality I enjoy.

(I’d love to included the 3 videos I shot but I don’t have the upgrade option – sorry. If I can figure out how to get them on YouTube, I can bring them over from there.)


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