100 Wolves Are Good Enough?

Wolf Pair

From Defenders of Wildlife:

“100 wolves are good enough for us.”

That’s the attitude Wyoming has towards managing wolves in their state.

Starting tomorrow (Oct 1), hunting season begins in Wyoming, and almost no wolf will be safe.

In a state where the goal is to reduce the wolf population by more than 60 percent – leaving just 100 wolves outside of Yellowstone National Park – you can bet that wolves in Wyoming are running for their lives.

Wyoming uses a number of lethal tactics – from hunting and trapping to predator control – in order to carry out their extreme anti-wolf agenda. 

Not even the supposedly “protected” wolves of Yellowstone National Park are free from the perils of hunting season – they become fair game to hunters and trappers the moment they leave the park during the season.

Put simply, Wyoming’s wolf management plan means that wolves in more than 80% of the state lack any protection and can be killed anytime by almost any means, including aerial gunning and trapping.  Even more disturbing is the simple fact that if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) gets their way, wolves across the country could face this same grim reality.

Wyoming is an alarming example of what wolf management looks like when it’s turned over to states dominated by anti-wolf politicians with deadly agendas. Wyoming’s wolf management plan is not only bad policy, but we believe that the 2012 delisting was downright illegal. That’s why Defenders filed suit against the Department of Interior in federal court demanding that they overturn the decision to delist Wyoming wolves.

We’re on the ground in local communities to dispel misconceptions and anti-wolf propaganda; we’re working with ranchers, private landowners and others to pioneer nonlethal strategies so that wolves and livestock can peacefully coexist; and we’re doing everything possible to try and stop the national delisting from happening.

Wyoming doesn’t persecute any other native species like they do wolves – managed around a population requirement of only 100 – Wyoming’s wolf management plan sets a disturbing precedent.

Since delisting wolves in the Northern Rockies has occurred, nearly 1,200 wolves have been killed in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

 Please visit www.defenders.org and help the wolves!


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